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How Did
C2 Fab / Vision on Division
Come To Be?

C2 FAB and Vision On Division came together by chance and good fortune. During a "Makers" event a conversation was started about a desire to build a creative and unique space for innovation, uplifting youth, and providing opportunity. C2 Fab, an already established sculptural and creative fabrication company had spent 15 years blazing a solo trail in business. Vison on Division was merely a dream, however at the helm was Stewart McMillan, a profound and successful entrepreneur and an astute IT professional, Rob Billings. During conversation it became quite clear that together opportunities would be abundant and fruitful. It was at this moment we decided moving forward to join forces and see just how far we can go together.

Since our Vision was founded on Creativity and decades of experience, with the core members all sharing a passion for nurturing innovation and providing opportunity. We have plans to partner with multiple local agencies to offer classes and work study programs to the benefit of underserved youth and promising young people as they are completing their formal educations. Bringing brilliant minds together as they navigate towards their futures. We also hope to offer opportunities to budding small businesses that are trying to bring new products to market or expand their abilities. The underlaying goal is community success and to have fun being innovative and providing the highest quality products locally. 



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